AFMMAA is an association of retired and active personnel from the AF Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. Members  include Air Force civilian, military, contractors and other friends.

  • Individual membership is open to persons who have served or are currently serving in either a military, civilian or contractor capacity at AFRL/RX, or are "friends" of the organization and are interested in promoting the purposes of the association.

AFMMAA was formed in 2000, with the first official business taking place at an organizational meeting in June 2001.

We are formally registered as a non-profit organization in the State of Ohio and out activities are managed by an elected executive board.

  • AFMMAA has a mix of chartered members, lifetime members and annually registered members.
  • There is no paid staff and our income is used primarily to fund scholarships for qualified students undertaking post-high school higher education.

AFMMAA Executive Board:

    President:                                    Matt Di Base

   Executive Vice President:           Clay Harmsworth

   Vice President for Membership   Neil Ontko

   Treasurer                                     Dennis Naughton

    Secretary                                     Don Shrader

   Scholarship Chairman                  Jim Malas

    Newsletter Editor Chairman          Tobey Cordell

    AFRL/RX Liaison                          George Schmitt



We are a section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as defined by the IRS. Our current charter can be reviewed at the link below.


AFMMAA Charter




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